How to fix Scroll Bar Missing in Google Chrome

A recent bug in Google Chrome is that the scroll bar is not visible. When you surf the web on a desktop web browser, we need to scroll through the web pages to see the content. Therefore the missing scroll bar can be very annoying. check here how to fix Scroll Bar Missing in Google Chrome

fix Scroll Bar Missing in Google Chrome

It is possible to use the up / down arrow keys or mouse to scroll, but this problem somehow spoils the browsing experience. Also, it is best to resolve any further damage before they occur.

Update google chrome Browser

how to fix Scroll Bar Missing in Google Chrome

We suggest that you update Chrome instead of downloading it via a link from a web browser and then do so. To do this, type chrome://settings/help in the browser’s address bar and press enter. Wait for Google Chrome to check for updates. If it is up to date, Chrome will notify you. This will usually be the case.

Website Problem

Rarely, the problem is probably with loading the web page in Chrome. Due to this his scroll bar may not function properly on this particular site. To confirm if this is only happening on this website, go to another site and see if you can see the scroll bar on it. If not, try opening this site on another web browser and check if the problem is there as well.

Browser extension

Do you remember installing extensions recently? To confirm this, simply open Chrome in incognito mode by pressing Ctrl, Shift and N simultaneously. Some extensions, such as security or antivirus, will be disabled in this mode. If you have extensions that are not disabled, you must do so manually. Before that, open this website in Chrome Incognito mode and check if there is a bar on the right. If so, an extension can be faulted.

In this case, you have to disable each extension at once to know which is causing the problem. To do this, you must first open the page with the problem of scroll bars, then click on three points. You can then move the cursor to more tools and choose the extension. To disable, just click the blue toggle switch below each extension to make it white. If you remember the extension you installed in the past, start disabling it.

If the above steps fail to solve the problem, try taking steps like resetting Chrome and re-installing it (as a last resort).

If you are not able to fix Scroll Bar Missing in Google Chrome then you have another option you can call on google chrome helpline or get the perfect solution.

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