Restore Deleted Files from iCloud – iCloud Helpline Number

Another source of online data storage is iCloud, which can be used to transmit data between devices or to protect data from devices. You can synchronize your data across multiple devices without delay. Also, it is the best source for backing up data other than PC hard drives. Sometimes your PC experiences a hardware failure, which can put your entire data files at risk. With iCloud, you can save your data to the cloud and restore any device from anywhere. The iCloud customer support team helps its users manage errors when they occur on any device.

iCloud Helpline Number

It is acceptable that sometimes we accidentally delete some important files from a PC or other device and later find them important. The iCloud application can be installed on all types of computers, tablets, smartphones. You can sync data across all devices in one place and access it by accessing iCloud Drive.

If you deleted a file or folder from a computer or mobile phone and want to recover it, iCloud Drive allows deleted data to remain in the “Recently Deleted” data folder for up to 30 days. If you take an action, it is removed permanently after 30 days. If you have deleted a data file or folder within 30 days and want to restore it:

  • Open any web browser on the computer
  • Access the site
  • Log in with your Apple ID and Password
  • Check the security code received on the Apple device
  • Now press the iCloud Drive folder in the window
  • In the lower right corner of the browser, locate the “Recently deleted” folder
  • Now find the deleted files and folders you want to restore
  • Select one or more files or folders to recover or choose “Recover All” at the top of the screen

If you have any other problems with the iCloud service or application, contact the iCloud Helpline Number 1-855-650-7555 and talk to the live agent for quick assistance. Another innovation added to the technology is the cloud storage service, which makes users more secure with their data information.

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