How to Turn Pop up Blocker ON & OFF in Google Chrome?

Pop up settings in Google Chrome or other web-browsers depends on user’s preferences. You can choose the sites to enable & disable pop-ups from settings in the Google Chrome application. Google Chrome is the most popular web-browser designed & developed by Google engineers. It supports most operating systems like Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Kindle, etc.

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Like other computer or smartphone applications, Google Chrome users can also face some technical glitches, wherein they can look for available solutions from the official Google community or third-party bloggers, also some third-party Google Chrome technical support providers can help resolve issues.

Pop up blocker in Google Chrome allows users to customize their settings to get intimation from their favorite websites regarding any recent updates. Moreover, you are always in control of disable the settings to allow any pop up from a specific website. Some users do not realize and enable pop-ups from a random website, which eventually turns annoying for them.

Follow steps to enable or disable pop-ups from websites:

Google Chrome always intimates users when blocking any pop up from a website by default, wherein you could also click on the same notification window and choose to enable from next onwards.

  • Open Google Chrome application
  • Navigate to menu button in the right-side top corner appears as three dots and click on it
  • Scroll down to Settings button and tap on it
  • Now scroll down to the option Advanced and click on it
  • Further, under Privacy and Settings click on Site Settings
  • Under Site Settings find Pop-ups and Redirects
  • From this window, you can choose to permanently enable Pop up blocker or choose stored websites to allow & block pop-ups. (if any website has been put under block or allow and should be changed, then click on three dots in front of them and modify the preferences.)

You can read our other blogs to troubleshoot Google Chrome browser problems in easy steps or contact Google Chrome Customer Support Number for online help. The official Google website also has several posts that help users to make their browsing experience even better without facing any glitches.

Users can also download additional extension applications from the Chrome store to disable annoying advertisements from most websites.

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